Bloomberg taps North Carolina Heart & Vascular doctor for cost-control panel

RALEIGH, N.C. (Sept. 12, 2012) – In one of its offices, cardiology group North Carolina Heart & Vascular – Wake Heart & Vascular has a device that “reads” signals from innumerable defibrillators implanted in patients across Eastern North Carolina.

A North Carolina Heart & Vascular technologist can constantly monitor those devices, and alert doctors if a patient’s defibrillator signals a cardiac problem. Using his cell phone, North Carolina Heart & Vascular Dr. Kevin R. Campbell can instantly direct North Carolina Heart & Vascular workers to call in a prescription to treat the problem, or if warranted, urge his patient to get to a hospital immediately.

An extra trip to the doctor’s office may be prevented – and the extra gas needed to make the trip is saved. Or the technology can save a costly ambulance ride and the often long, intensive care required when a cardiac ailment is caught too late.

North Carolina Heart & Vascular’s monitoring device is just one way that technology lowers health-care costs, a topic at the center of national debate and a key issue in this year’s presidential campaign. Campbell has been invited by a major business media group to discuss how technology can save health-care dollars at a conference in New York next month.

The goal of the gathering, called the Bloomberg Healthcare Innovations Conference, is to identify promising innovations in areas such as medical devices, pharmaceuticals, surgical procedures and technologies. Campbell is on a panel entitled “Faster, Better, Cheaper Patient Outcomes.”

The daylong conference, set for Oct. 2, is in the Bloomberg headquarters building in New York City. Conference speakers and participants are by invitation-only.

“It’s a pretty big honor,” Campbell said.

He noted that North Carolina Heart & Vascular doctors are sensitive to costs and routinely use the latest technology in interventional cardiology. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina Heart & Vascular is North Carolina’s largest independent heart and cardiovascular care practice.

Campbell is a specialist in electrophysiology and an expert in disparities in how women are treated for cardiovascular ills. He was key to the development of advanced electrophysiology and radiofrequency procedures at Johnston Medical Center in Smithfield.

Founded in 1982, Bloomberg provides data, analytics and other financial information to thousands of customers worldwide. In the 1990s, it launched a worldwide news service called Bloomberg News.

About North Carolina Heart & Vascular – Wake Heart & Vascular
An experienced group of cardiologists and trained staff, North Carolina Heart & Vascular provides comprehensive heart services to prevent, diagnose and treat a full range of cardiovascular-related conditions. As heart specialists, the group is committed to providing access to quality health care in the Raleigh area, Wake County, and surrounding counties in Eastern North Carolina. Through their affiliation with UNC Health Care, North Carolina Heart & Vascular specialists can tap into the most up-to-date research and expertise, providing their patients with access to clinical trials and new therapies, resulting in the best cardiovascular care in the area. When it comes to patients’ cardiovascular care – We know it by heart.

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